Kinderglück Dortmund E.V.

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Gottlieb-Daimler-Str. 33,, Holzwickede, 59439, DE

Updated gp 8/15/19 (see full text in Emails in Review 2019):\n Holiday sponsorships program requires about 120.000 euros each year; includes the following main types of costs: transportation, meals, admissions, accommodation, museum entrance fees, finca accommodation, finca support program, and bikes.\n \n Holiday sponsorships - for children in need\n \n Unfortunately, there are too many socially disadvantaged and neglected children and adolescents. At least a part of these children we want to bring some joy and happiness.\n Participation in a holiday leisure time is of particular importance to these children. Such a holiday experience is a rare and extraordinary event that gives them recovery and creates social links. Especially for children and adolescents from families in distress, participating in a holiday or day off is a welcome "state of emergency" of relaxation and empowerment.\n Our partners identify the children and youth in very special situations and apply for our program. Either we pay the costs directly to the holiday leisure provider or the requesting organization will submit the bill to us in retrospect.\n In the holiday camps, the financial needs per child is around 250.00 EUR - 400.00 EUR\n Weekend trips and daytime camps for about 10-20 children require on average about 400.00 - 1.200,00 EUR. Each year we send around 400 children and youth in holidays which is a total cost of around 120.000 EUR.

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