Indian Women and Child Welfare Trust

540 Group 1, DDA Janta Flats, Hastsal Uttam Nagar, New Delhi, 110059, IN

The mission of IWCWT is “TO ENSURE SMILE ON EVERY FACE” : This is best done by establishing a\nredeemed, regenerated and progressive society, which will be free from exploitation, injustice and disparities – where the overall development and dignity of every person will be secured, where people can live in peace, solidarity, co-operation and brotherhood and where the rights of each one will be protected. All these would be brought about through transformation and sustained development of the Indian society in which they live.


The mission of IWCWT is to transform the lives of poor and unprivileged people, Advancing Women’s Equality and Human Rights and To facilitate communities towards holistic transformation. partnership with the Christian community and others in India and worldwide, we will serve the people of India, particularly those who live in poverty: * To promote brotherhood, communal harmony, national integration and peace * To provide primary education to the children * To provide non-formal education to the street & working children of deprived section of the society * To save orphan children especially girl child by protecting their rights of food, shelter * To promote literacy among adults, illiterate & needy slum dwellers in urban areas & villagers in rural areas with continuing education center. * To conduct vocational training and counseling for adolescents and needy people * To make people aware of general health, HIV/AIDS, legal, social and other current issues and educate them to protect themselves & family members from the common illness * Promote equal opportunities for economic empowerment, livelihood security, and full inclusion in all aspects of society for persons with disabilities. * Schools for the mentally challenged. * To generate opportunities of income generation among unemployed people * To provide relief to the victims of any natural or manmade tragedy * To work with special concentration for women & child welfare issues like day care center * People of Scheduled castes/tribes and OBCs

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