Foodbank NSW & ACT Limited

Foodbank NSW & ACT Limited

50 Owen Street, Glendenning, NSW, 2761, AU

Foodbank NSW & ACT Limited fights hunger by providing quality food for people in need and is the largest food relief organisation in New South Wales (NSW) and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). As a pantry for charities and schools that feed hungry people, in 2018/19 we supplied food for 21.4 million meals (11.8 million kilograms) to over 550 charities and 150 schools, helping 373,000 individuals every month. We provide food relief through other channels during emergencies. We are expanding our School Breakfast 4 Health program so less children start their school days with empty tummies.

We obtain food from many sources. Most is donated by farmers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers, reducing the amount of food that would otherwise go into landfill. We also receive food donations from other groups and individuals. We supplement food donations with collaborative production and food purchases.

We value our partners and volunteers who are essential to our operations.

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