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Covid-19, the response in India Fund

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In school we would say "Every Indian is my brother and sister..." The Issue: Covid-19 has caused the central government in India to institute a lockdown until May 3rd. The poor have eaten any savings they had and the food is long since disappeared. Daily labourers, without work for weeks, their plight has left them desperate for food. Your help is needed today. A common refrain from these most highly affected is, “Starvation will kill us long before the coronavirus does.” Please consider how you can help families in India survive these next few weeks! Your Immediate Response needed: You are an important part of the process. A vital link to meet the needs of the people. Your gifts are the catalyst for success. Your gift will provide them with enough help to survive through the coming weeks, when they have no one to turn to. Your gifts will facilitate an Emergency Food Relief program - the target is to support needy and desperate families, the government has requested us to meet the needs of those in our area with greatest need. The Relief Kit is designed to take care of an average family size of 4 with basic food items for a period of 3 weeks. The relief kit comprises of daily essentials like Rice, Wheat, Oil, Pulses, Sugar, Salt, Onions, Potatoes, Soap (Wash & Bath), and Dettol. Volunteers on the ground are taking the steps necessary to collect and distribute everything you provide. How you can be the difference: ₹2200 / $30 will provide sufficient food for one family, for the lockdown through May 3rd. Your gift is of extreme importance. Remember, a majority of those served are daily wage workers - which further increases their vulnerability. They are out of work and hungry. Your gifts will feed those with the greatest need, providing them enough help to survive. You will bring them hope. ₹2200 / $30 will help one family ₹ 4400 / $60 will help two. ₹ 22,000 / $300 will help ten families. Please consider how many families you can help today!
Covid-19, the response in India Fund

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