2021 Disaster Relief - Western Europe Flooding Fund


Heavy rains over a 2-day period in mid-July caused catastrophic floods which have devastated communities across western Germany as well as parts of neighboring Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands, resulting in more than 200 fatalities with hundreds more unaccounted for. There has been extensive damage to homes, businesses, and infrastructure in the worst natural disaster the region has faced in more than half a century. The Cisco Foundation will match eligible donations up to $10,000 per employee. Donations will not be counted toward employees' annual $25,000 match limit. Note on Tax Deductibility: This fund includes U.S.- based organizations. U.S. employees who make a credit card donation will receive a receipt for tax deductibility for the portion of the donation contributed to these organizations. Employees outside the U.S. will not be able to receive a receipt for tax deductibility for credit card donations to organizations in this fund.

Your donation supports

Federation Belge des Banques Alimentaires

Fight against hunger and food waste

Tafel Deutschland e.V.

There is plenty of food for everyone in Germany, yet many people live in deprivation. The Tafel strive for a fairer balance, engaging volunteers for disadvantaged people in their area. The national association of food banks and pantries in Germany, Tafel Deutschland e.V., supports and represents more than 940 local Tafel initiatives in Germany. These initiatives collect quality surplus food and distribute it free of charge or for a symbolic amount to socially and economically disadvantaged individuals. The Tafel are one of the largest social movements in Germany. The main tasks of Tafel Deutschland include: Securing nationally operating partners and sponsors for the local Tafel initiatives; Representing the political, economic and social interests of the local Tafel initiatives; Communicating the Tafel initiatives to the media as well as to the public; Sharing best practices, communicating with and advising the local initiatives; Supporting the founding of new local Tafel initiatives. Currently the Tafel are struggling with an increasing number of people coming to them for help and at the same time taking steps to reduce the risk of infection at the locations. Increasing numbers of patrons means more work and the need for more space and commitment. Your donation helps us not to have to turn away people in acute need and also build our capacity to accept more donations. Donations make projects possible that go above and beyond the distribution of food: cooking courses, community cafes, clothing donations, anti-racism projects and collection points for household goods or bicycles.

Deutsches Rotes Kreuz

Das DRK rettet Menschen, hilft in Notlagen, bietet Menschen eine Gemeinschaft, steht den Armen und Bedürftigen bei und wacht über das humanitäre Völkerrecht - in Deutschland und der ganzen Welt.

Het Nederlandse Rode Kruis (Netherlands Red Cross)

the power of humanity

Belgium Red Cross

Deutsche Lebens-Rettungs-Gesellschaft e.V.

We are the local organization of DLRG, the largest water rescue organization in the world, in Nuremberg.


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