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A comprehensive workplace giving benefit employees love

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Support and partnership in your social good endeavors

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An engaged community of coworkers, no matter their location

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An experience that goes beyond transactional giving.

Finding how to make an impact in the causes you care about is tough with over 1 million nonprofits to choose from. With Bright Funds, your giving program empowers everyone to become strategic philanthropists.

Starting your company's first workplace giving program?

We've made it turn-key for companies to become leaders in social change.

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GoDaddy is a leading hosting provider based in Scottsdale, Arizona. They partner with Bright Funds to offer an engaging giving program that can be used by all of their employees.

"Bright Funds goes beyond a technology platform. They are our partner in providing an exceptional experience and opportunity to give back to every employee."

Stacy Bennett
Community Outreach Specialist, GoDaddy